Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Breaking: People Sometimes Repeatedly Sleep With People Whom They Are Not Interested In Dating!

In an enlightening expose of the underground world of “Friends With Benefits,” the Times reports that “research, conducted among Michigan State University students, confirmed previous findings that most college students report having had at least one such relationship.” NO WAY!

Also, “in addition to budding romances…the “friends” may also be former lovers who occasionally see each other or they may be people who hang out at the same places and now and then end up wrapped around each other, even though they are not really friends.” OMG! Please stop, this is too too shocking.

Luckily, the study makes no indication of whether the "125 young men and women" surveyed were gay or straight, so for now we are going to assume they are all straight, and that such things NEVER happen in our community...

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Zeke said...

*deletes IM archives*
*cleans up phone lists*
*wipes photo evidence*

Nope never happened and I'll swear that on a stack of bibles.