Monday, October 29, 2007

Someone At Details Slept With A Rich Gay Foreigner

For a long time, Details was our favorite magazine. We have no idea why – the writing is strange and neither relevant nor clever. The pictures of the boys are hot but they were often too fully-clothed. It must be something to do with the heavy, sexy feel of a fashion magazine, combined with the pages and pages of things that would make us look fabulous. Except we will never be rich enough to afford any of them, so that doesn't make sense either. But anyway, Details is finally catching up with every other magazine in the world and releasing some of their content on the web. Such as this story, about gay "sexpats," who are rich heirs who come to the US to live out their sexually free ways among the perverts in this Godforsaken land. "From Oscar Wilde's years in France to Paul Bowles' infamous forays into Morocco to Gore Vidal's legendary Amalfi hideaway, gay men have long gone into exile when their carnal desires clashed with cultural constraints," the mag writes. Oh, yeah. That's why we used to love Details so much. Because it's the most faggoty piece of crap on the newsstand.


MattGaymon said...

It's been weeks - WEEKS - and we get a recapitulated DETAILS outtake? Bigmouth.

i_dont_want_to_get_involved said...

Seriously either Fagats is dead or its not. But let's not play games.

bigmouth said...

Shhh! We're trying to ease our way back into it. Cut us some slack!