Monday, April 02, 2007

The Band That Sings This Song Is Called "TISM," Which Stands For "This Is Serious, Mum."

This weekend, we went to a movie with a friend, and he brought a male model we’ve met a few times out and about. We gave him a kiss hello, and said “It’s so nice to see you again!” exactly at the same moment he said, “It’s so nice to meet you!”

The movie was “Factory Girl.” It was, as our friend put it, a cautionary tale. But we’re not really sure if there are that many people in danger of growing up as socialites in Boston, moving to New York, befriending Andy Warhol, becoming his muse, getting superfamous, dating Bob Dylan, getting addicted to drugs, and then dying in Santa Barbara these days. Anyway, at the end of the movie, after a nice little chat, the three of us walked home in different directions. We gave the model a big hug goodbye, and said, “It was very nice to hang out again.” At the exact same moment, he repeated, “It was very nice to meet you.”

We’re not exactly sure how to express the way those moments make us feel. But we imagine that the bunny in the above video probably understands.

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Unknown said...

you are so deliciously self-depracating, i almost hate to correct you on this one. but the fault here lies with the male model, who lives up to stereotype in the most boring way. any socially active gay who doesn't know enough to say "lovely to see you" instead of "nice to meet you", just to be on the safe side, is obviously a few add-ins shy of a proper protein shake. and the bunny? fucking adorable. as are you.