Monday, November 26, 2007

The French Connection: FHC and FrenchBenj in NYC

Longtime Fagats readers will appreciate the crossover we are about to experience this weekend. Our blog BFF FHC will be in town this weekend to visit, arriving on Thursday night. Also in town will be our blog friend-with-benefits, FrenchBenj. Though the two hail from the same country and have traded barbs online for years now, they have never met in person. And yet, it just might be the case that they will be in the same place at the same time this week. Which raises the obvious questions: Where should this meeting take place (it's Thursday night, so Pop Rocks? Vlada? The corner of Avenue A and 13th Street?)? Who should be present (LL? TAHF? Bigmouth?)? How drunk should everybody be (a little? A lot? French?)? What should we wear?

And most importantly, where should we plan the afterparty?


Anonymous said...

I love how you ask whether LL should be present when FHC is wearing LL's polo in the photo you posted!!!!

Anonymous said...

Take them to Vlada only if you want them to be unable to communicate except by ASL.

Anonymous said...

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