Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Boy Like That...

Desperate Housewives writer/creator Marc Cherry has a somewhat revealing interview on about his hit show, and about the bisexual character Andrew that has a lot of people in TV Land buzzing. We loved it when Andrew (played poutily by the adorable-if-acne-ridden Shawn Pyrfrom) was caught making out in a pool naked with another boy (the equally steamy Ryan Carnes), and admitted to his parents that he is gay. But we were confused when he secretly denied his sexuality to a priest. Until now:

Cherry: Yeah, people accept what people say too readily. They think that just because he said it, it’s true. One of the things I was trying to write in there is that he’s like a lot of kids. He’s saying, “Oh, I’m not really gay.” Well, yeah, you are. That, to me, is the truth of the situation. I’ve had people get confused by that. That’s one of the problems you get sometimes in TV. It’s hard to write with ambiguity.

Ah, nuance. We really appreciate that in a primetime soap. Thank you, Marc Cherry, for adding the Drunken, Soulless Gay to your bevy of never-before-seen cultural types for the show, which already included the Promiscuous Blonde, the Fiery Latina, the Uptight WASP, and the Unfriendly Black Family.'ve arrived?

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Anonymous said...

Look at it this dissolves rigid boundaries between gay and straight. The fact that shawn's character says that he is not gay..just gay with Ryan, indicates something about the fluid nature of sexuality, which in my view, pushes the case for tolerance to a far greater degree than in-your-face messages. This is akin to Ennis's character in BB, who tells Jack, that he never tried it with another man, but with him, it's better than it is with women even. And let us not worry about stereotypes on TV. the fact is being gay is so closely related to a person's identity that there are bound to be no neat resolutions; so confusion and dilemma are good.