Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mom, I've been dating this person, and they are different from any other person I've ever dated before...

Once again, to our ostensible delight, Gotham Magazine has released its annual list of New York's Most Eligible Bachelors.

But yet, a spot check of this year's list provides some disappointing conclusions:

Number of men who specify they are looking for women: 58
Number of men who specify they are looking for men: 2*
Number of men who do not specify a gender in a dream mate: 40**
Number of men on list who we know, through personal experience, to be gay: 6***

*PR Cutie McBoobity Pierce Mattie only requests "someone tall, dark, handsome and rich," and since Famke Janssen has a boyfriend already, we're assuming he means a man.
**We're unsure of how to count Aaron Stewart, who says he wants a "partner." Since only our Mom uses that term, we'll say gay?
***One of the non-identifying gays has arguably the hottest pic of the whole 100. We'd tell you his name so you could go look for him, but you've already all slept with him anyway.

Do we need to remind people that Gotham is merely a high end advertising vehicle with the same literary content as a Fendi handbag? Shouldn't everyone on this list be gay?


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