Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Larry Craig?

Our dear friend Bates (a.k.a. "Golden Delicious") sent us over this link today, because we got a new gay roommate (more on that later), bringing our apartment 'motal up to three:

Maybe Craig can buy "gay offsets"

By now you've most likely heard of Idaho Senator Larry Craig's [alleged] dalliance in a men's airport bathroom. The pundits have been out in force with the hypocrisy charges, and rightly so considering Craig's past stances and actions. But considering how often liberals react when conservatives question people like Al Gore and other "greens" about their own hypocrisy, I'm wondering when we'll hear these same libs wondering about "why shoot the messenger" and saying "but isn't the real issue ..." regarding the Craig incident.

Perhaps Craig can be like many Hollywood dopes (and Al Gore) but instead of purchasing carbon offsets he can buy gay offsets to "reduce his gay footprint" (or, more accurately, his "wide stance").

Goldy's suggestion to us was, "Maybe you guys could sell gay offsets to Republicans on the side?" Not a bad idea!


Hube said...

Hey guys -- thanks for the link! I thought that was one of my funnier posts these last few months. Appreciate spreading the word! :-)

Zeke said...

so if we are selling gay offsets, should we like do gay stuff so they don't have to or do straight stuff to offset the gayness that they are hiding?

Either way I wants me some of that sweet sweet offset cash

Aatom said...

perhaps instead of planting orchards of trees in the third world, an army of merch designers could install fabulous dept. store windows in rural areas.

Anonymous said...

Note to self:

Being elected to an office as a Republican is a good way to come out.