Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why You Are Gay: "Quantum Leap" and "Remington Steele"

When you were little, you probably mostly watched kid television – like "Full House," "Blossom," or "Eureka's Castle." But we're guessing there were a few adult shows that, for whatever reason, you began to follow. For us, those were "Remington Steele," and "Quantum Leap." They were good action shows, with strong plots and not a lot of season-long arc. You could get a great time out of watching just one episode here and there, and not have to worry about following some drawn-out "X-Files" like storyline (we know, we know, "X-Files" is part of why you're gay, too, we'll get to that).

But as you grew older, watching re-runs of "Remington Steele" and "Quantum Leap" became a different experience. You stopped hoping for the part where Scott Bakula zapped himself into another wacky life, and started wishing there were more episodes where he was an Olympic diver. Instead of enjoying the G-rated flirting on "Remington Steele," you wondered why the hell Pierce Brosnan didn't just fuck Stephanie Zimbalist already. So you could watch.

The shows may have gone off the air before you realized you were gay. But every time you see Scott Bakula in an ABC Family Original Movie, we're betting it takes you back some. To a day when, admit it, you thought chest hair was a little bit okay. Kind of nice, even. You know, to nestle your face in. Or taste. Or whatever.


the one in your dreams said...

i believe the reason quantum leap appealed to many of the gays (as kids) was the sense of adventure, like hooking up in the bathroom would eventually feel the first few times. plus, being in different places at different times meant one important thing: COSTUME CHANGES!!

dude had clothes galore.

Steve said...

Clothes schmothes! The episode of Quantum Leap that made me gay was when he zapped into the body of a chimpanzee and spent the entire hour fighting evil-doers wearing nothing but a diaper.