Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fred Phelps Loses, Also Wins

So the father of a dead soldier won nearly $11 million from hatemonger Fred Phelps and his family, after they protested around the funeral of his son. The Phelps family has lately taken to doing such things, as they think the Iraq war is somehow a punishment for American tolerance of homosexuality. We were delighted with the news (we're interested to see whether Phelps have that kind of money, which will surely be revealing about what their real motives in all of this are – plus, they deserved the legal slap), but something Phelps said on the Today show this morning made us uneasy. "We got more and we're getting more appropriate news coverage than anything we've ever done," he said, adding that he was delighted by the verdict. How do you fight against someone whose main goal is to make you want to fight? You can't, but hopefully by tying their financial strings, we're making progress.

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Tim said...

hmm sounds like Osama, and his goals. Funny how hate mongers always end up using the same battle plan.

He'll probably win on appeal but at least it will keep some of them in the court room and off the streets for a year or so. Maybe they'll be exposed to new ideas....