Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If "irony is coolest when it’s worn as an invisible undergarment" then we are golden since we never wear underwear anyway...

You may be wondering why Bigmouth wrote in two days in a row. The truth is that we went to see Hell House on Friday night at St. Ann's in DUMBO, a real evangelical "chamber of horrors" used to incite fear in teens about raves, abortion, and same-sex attraction, performed non-ironically by a theater company here in NYC for the sake of irony. Overall, quite the theatrical experience. But what scared us the most was the scene in which our friend KMZ was whisked away to hell for blogging about evangelicals. WE DID THIS ONLY HOURS EARLIER THAT SAME DAY! Also, the gays dying of AIDS and being damned to hell forever wasn't too helpful either. So realizing that we had two major strikes against us, we thought we would give our soul some time to rest.

Actually, we found it fairly easy to laugh at the spectacle before us. But the obvious question in everyone's mind is how things like this possibly get put up for realz, and what exactly is happening in the minds of young impressionable boys (who like other boys) after they see a man dying of AIDS in a hospital bed with Satan standing above him saying, "What kind of idiot believes that you are born this way." Pretty scary stuff.

Also we like how the doctor was wearing a kippah.

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MyMyMichl said...

Gosh, it's just entertainment. I mean, I hope you didn't take it seriously, did you? Did you? Oh, you did. Oh, dear me. Well this is just theater flexing its muscles, growing, experimenting, and feeling its way into its own reality. It all began in some way as an experiment. Consider yourselves lucky you were here to see it. It is theater history, and brilliant in its way. It makes an effective statement.

I had to suffer through the early crap of Elizabeth Streb as she destroyed beautiful dancers' bodies - including my boyfriend's - with her avant garde performances. It's a miracle she - and he, survived. Her dancers got broken limbs, torn ligaments and bruises, thanks to what she called 'dance'. She got away with it, and now she still manages to sell tickets and find dancers who are desperate enouogh to put up with her sh_t. Yeah that was then. You guys are lucky you missed her.

I take it they were mocking the Evangelists? The more accurately they portray those screamers, the more ridiculous they become - And the less effective. So tell your friends to go, pay money and see them again.