Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shame, Regret and More Than A Little Bit Of Wonder About The Absurd Person We Used To Be.

Not much time to blog today, but did anybody else notice that the Republicans are going after Mass. Govervor Mitt Romney for not being anti-gay ENOUGH? This is a guy who has not shut up about the Mass. Supreme Court ruling for one week in the last few months. And the rightest side of the GOP is saying he isn´t hardline enough to make it through the presidential primaries.

We´re not banking on the fact that these people have any sense of self-reflection, but in 20 years if they are still alive, we don´t know how they will be able to look back on all the superfluous intolerance they promoted in these years. How will they be able to defend their so-called spiritual and emotional reactions to this issue?

We imagine they will feel sort of the way we do when we think of the profound emotional response that used to be inspired in us by The World of David the Gnome.


Anonymous said...

A canadian reader here. Don't get so excited, the demise of the Republicans won't happen in oyur lifetime. You know, your people continued to elect former slave owners into office far longer into the future than the 20 years you give the Republicans. And Klansmen after the Civil Rights Act. And they will elect warmongers (you know, Afghanistan/Iraq)... Just because a aged male prostituted outed one televangelist and Barack Obama (yes, we know he's hot) kinda noncommitally winks in the general direction of the fags whose votes he may or may not eventually need -- American gays think they've entered Eden.

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Jeff said...

Romney's just a huge hypocrite. He wants to be President so bad he's sucking up to the religious right, but they're not falling for it. At least jerks like Brownback and Fallwell are consistent I guess.