Thursday, December 28, 2006

We Could Do Things Like "Go For a Run" or "Read a Book," But Doing Less Productive Things and Then Making Lists About It Seems Much More Fun...

In case you were curious, here's what we've been doing during the past 36 hours here in the "First in Flight" state:

1. Watched 4 back-to-back episodes of The Dog Whisperer.

2. Listened to our entire 28 song-long "melancholy" playlist while staring at the ceiling.

3. Made a power point presentation with pictures of all the people we know (slash stalk) at school next to pictures of who is playing them in the movie musical that LL and I are writing.

4. Read about the gay serial rapist in Texas.

5. Had half a slice of pizza and 2 quarts of sweet tea for lunch.

6. Spent three hours at the movie theater staring at Matt Damon and wishing we were in Skull and Bones so we too could mud wrestle nekkid.

7. Performed "One Night Only" (Both the Effie and Disco versions) and "I Am Changing" on the second floor ledge overlooking the living room when no one was home.

8. Rearranged our "featured friends" on friendster no less than 9 times.

9. IMed with FHC explaining to him why he was not a "featured friend."

Yes, we too are praying for Bigmouth's safe return.


LL said...

1) BM is back we texted with him!

2) Please send us a copy of the powerpoint. Don't lie and say it doesn't exist you were only making a joke for the blog. We don't believe you.

3) This styles piece pretty much sums up my trip home:

Michael S said...

Dog Whisperer? Ewwwww; he totally does not get that dogs are not all best treated by his machismo way of behavior modification.

Oh yeah, my Labrador Retriever says he sucks, bigtime.

Anonymous said...

oddly enough I live in Baytown, Tx. Home of the serial rapist.
Luckily enough he isn't so bad looking in the artist's sketch depicting him. Maybe I shouldnt lock my windows at night.

KMZ said...

"Love You I Do" and "Listen" are nice pieces for recitals in the shower.