Thursday, April 20, 2006

She’s Not So Unusual, After All

Last Saturday we stopped by our neighborhood gay bar, Starlight, and were treated by a pair of celebrity sightings. First, we spotted Alan Cumming in the back room, sporting his “Threepenny Opera” mohawk. As usual, he was surrounded by boys.

But what was more surprising was the appearance of the 52-year-old Cyndi Lauper, who made her way slowly through the crowd to the back, making eye contact with as many gays as possible – as if to say “Yes, this IS Cyndi Lauper that you’re looking at.” Either that or “I see your true colors.” It was subtle.

We remarked to our drinking companions that it reminded us of the scene in “Soapdish” when the Sally Field character goes to the mall in Pyramus, NJ, when she’s feeling down and out, because all of the housewives over there still adore her. If you were an aging diva having an off night, wouldn’t YOU go to a gay bar, the last place you were still loved, where you would be showered with unmitigated adulation?

It’s kind of like when Ricky Martin plays in Canada. Or when George Bush appears on Fox News.


Frank said...

I'm not surprised that Alan Cumming is usually surrounded by boys; he's dreamy! It's not so much that he's all that handsome (he kinda isn't), but he's got charm oozing out of every poor and a mischevious twinkle in his eyes. Every time he's on TV, I have to watch.

Soapdish is BRILLIANT, BTW. Totally gay movie.

stillman said...

I had the unfortunate experience of seeing Threepenny last night - painful

The cast was mingling around the bar where I was downing my pre show booze. I mentioned to my date a little louder than I had planned that I had blown off my GRE class to come to the show.

Behind me a helium like voice responded, "what the hell is a GRE class?" I turned around. It was indeed Cyndi, in character possibly . . . possibly not . . I smiled awkwardly and ran to my seat.

avi said...

maybe cyndi just had to go to the bathroom and was afraid of getting mugged on her way there so she had to make eye contact with everyone so she could go to the bathroom and have more people to adore her close up while she groomed her bleached eyebrows. love her. walk on by boom boom boom boom remix.