Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This Is Perhaps A Little Personal.

Check out this craigslist link – written by a woman trying to get a man to like her. What’s amazing about it is that not only is this woman describing traits that most gay men would enjoy (“I can wake-up, shower and leave the house in 30 minutes flat. And I still look cute and kissable,” “I love sex … but I’m not going to jump in the sack with you because you have a penis. Still, please have a penis.”) – but also, the man she is seeking, the masculine, straight-acting, steak-eating, hiking, no fuss man’s man, is secretly the guy we all want in our beds.

So here’s the question: If so many of us want to be the easygoing, fun guy to who lures in the sporty, macho, low-key guy… then why do we fake-tan, avoid sports, gunk up our hair, spend hours making sure our trendy jeans hit our cute sneakers at just the right angle, pluck our eyebrows, purchase superfluous belts, worry about the way polo shirts hang at our waists, carefully manage lower belly hair, use multiple facial products, and avoid baseball caps like the plague?

The woman in this craig’s list post is doing her best to accommodate the guy she wants to date. We have the unique ability to be exactly LIKE the man that we think would be perfect for each of us.

So why do we all look the same?


Rottin' in Denmark said...

Speak for yourself. . .

Gunn said...

The tedious answer is that you're all scared little sheep. Spend more time outdoors.