Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sorry We’ve Been So Bad About Posting This Week. You Can Spank Us Later.

Or, right now.

We thought we’d put in a little addendum on our last item. We ran into Michael Lucas at Beige on Tuesday. Now let us just say, he’s a really nice guy (with a big penis) and he will basically take anything you throw at him (like, for example, a big penis). He’s a really good sport and even though his pornography is boring, he’s always made it a point to be an activist.

Anyway, at Beige, we asked him about his little Israeli sex tour (see below). Apparently this is not his first.

“It was terrible the first time,” he told us in his absurd accent. “The boy I took to perform with was a real pain in the ass.”

That was delivered with a straight face.

“Wherever we went, all over the world,” Michael continued, “he only wanted to eat at McDonalds. Isn’t that funny?”

We thought about it for a moment. And realized that, yes, that is funny.


Michael S said...

Lets cut Michael a break. There is the man, and then there are his movies. I see him as an activist with his heart in the right place. There are too many lazy-ass fags who sit back and sarcastically criticize but do nothing to help themselves or others.

If more of these detractors would act, maybe the world would be safer for gays?

aatom said...

That is funny, because I was at Beige that night as well.