Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This Is Only Topped By The Fact That The Emmys Put Tom Cruise Back In The Closet.

Sometimes we are so fucking proud to be Americans, we just want to cry.


Michael S said...

Cruise made the same stupid mistake many Holywood gods did: he believed his own publicity, that he was immortal. The studio that created him also knew how to bring him down. They've been at the game longer, and they're lots better at it.

He tried his blackmail game on the studio, they ran the movie, and everyone knows once you stop holding the baby out the window, you're fair game for retaliation, which he justly deserves.

He's a jerk; a good actor, but a genuine azzhole. Nowadays it's not enough to just act. You also need to be decent. That's why Mel Gibson should never work again, either.

bigmouth said...

We think this post was improperly worded. It was meant to be about how awesome it is that US Army has been making Saddam Hussein watch "South Park: The Movie" over and over