Thursday, August 03, 2006

We Don't Know What They Were Doing In There, But It Certainly Wasn't Smoking.

So even though it was over 100 degrees on Tuesday, we went to Beige to see what was going on. We were completely unsurprised to see that a crowd of die-hard fags had made the pilgrimage. Dylan P, Daniel V, Drew E, Andrew F, GoGo Mike, Erik Von K, Jesse S, and Jacob B all showed. Somehow, Von convinced us to go with him to Boysroom, which is (thankfully) a block from our house. We showed up, and the place was empty except for a pale, skinny, underage gogo boy getting his stomach licked by an elderly gentleman, a waiter in his underpants, and Jay McCarroll.

We’ve had incidents with the “Project Runway” winner before. This time was no different. After a few moments chatting us up, he asked us if we wanted to fight him, and then tried to initiate a staring contest. We have to give him credit, it was sort of awkwardly brilliant. And then we saw the underage gogo boy walk in on him pooping in the bathroom accidentally, and that made it even better.

Anyway, check out the Village Voice’s article on Boysroom. It’s got some decent eyecandy, at least. But we miss the old place. The first night we ever went there, we lit a cigarette for the guy sitting next to us, because his hands were too busy directing the head in his lap. That’s our kind of joint…


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am a lesbian and decided to check out the new Boysroom the other night, it was quite late, on a sunday and I just wanted to see the interior and decide wether I would come back another night for actual drinking. The little door man, and I mean little (and young) wouldn't let me step inside, (even though my boy friends were staying outside), without paying a cover charge. No ifs ands or butts. About an hour later I was walking by there again and the poor little door guy was barfing in the trashcan on the corner of 13th and Ave A. hee hee.

Anonymous said...

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