Monday, February 06, 2006

The Queen Is Dead. Long Live The Queen.

Like all of you, we are in love with Daniel V from Project Runway.

So last Thursday when we ran into a publicist friend of ours who works on the show, naturally we inquired whether he was single, and if we could be set up with him. He is single, as it turns out, and looking for love. Our friend was with last year’s winner Jay McCarroll, who caught wind of our interest.

“You know,” snapped McCarroll, swinging his giant Spin Doctors be-hatted head in our direction, “He is less cute in person than he is on TV!” We assured Jay that it was fine – we are also cuter on television. “I was supposed to get all the ass when I won last year, and I got nothing! Now little Daniel comes along with his floppy hair in his big schnozz and he’s getting all the boys. What the hell?” McCarroll continued. “Why can’t you fall in love with someone real? Get a hobby!”

We laughed it off because, frankly, we’re cute and fun and Jay McCarroll is ugly and appalling. But then, when we were outside of the party (It was a MAC Cosmetics party and Pam Anderson’s boobs were there) he approached us again and continued to berate us. “Think with your mind, not your crotch!” he commanded, as if someone who thought with their mind would somehow want to date Jay instead.

The implication there, we suppose, is that someone with a “mind” has no “eyeballs,” or “sense of touch.”


Bloghungry said...

Oh shit.. That's amazing. Jay has become such a beast. He seemed so grounded and modest in his talents before and now it's as though he's become the the evil queen from Snow White.. or Whitney Houston.

KMZ said...

I, for one, enjoyed the encounter. And Daniel V. is going to lose to Chloe...a sweet and endearing coming out story will only get one so far.

Foxy said...

That's too funny. I'm crying.