Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We’re Afraid We’re Going To Have To Ride This One Out, Boys.

Someone told us that we hadn’t posted enough about “Brokeback Mountain” today.

We’ve been trying to avoid this, so as to not contribute to the clusterfuck that has been gay coverage of the movie. But under pressure, here is what we think:

“Brokeback Mountain” is a necessary evil. For years, perhaps decades, we will have to deal with “BM” jokes – much like blacks had to hear about “The Jeffersons” and “What’s Happening!!” for much longer than they would have liked. What’s so noteworthy about the movie is that it’s just a regular, good movie – with gay protagonists. Like the “Jeffersons” was a regular, family sitcom, that happened to star a black family. It was long overdue, but it finally got mass coverage, and brought us a leap forward in understanding, even if it was not the way we’d prefer to progress.

We loved the movie. It was important, seminal, and painful. It wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t uplifting, but we realize it was important step to take. It made us cry, and feel sick to our stomach for days.

In other words, we feel about "Brokeback Mountain" the same way that we felt about the first time we got fucked up the ass.

We shall not speak of this again.

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Kelly said...

Probably one of the best commentaries on the movie I have read...very true!