Wednesday, February 08, 2006

If I Can Make It There, I'm Gonna Make It Anywhere

We went to the Heatherette show last night, and once again it was amazing. It began with thumping music and darkness, and a monologue about New York voiced by Richie Rich. Then the lights went up on three tap dancers dressed as zombies. After that more (sexy/scary) dancers came out, and then the show began.

Of course the clothing was mostly unwearable (the guy dressed as the Indian was mega hot, but we don’t know HOW that shit stayed on his lower body) and the crowd was irreverent. But it felt like a rock concert, and with Naomi Campbell closing the show, we thought it was a complete success.

Afterward, in the backstage lounge as we watched Alan Cumming hit on one of the shirtless models, we wondered why it was we took up writing, and not sit-ups, full time. Then we overheard a pair of models groan:

“I’ve had a piece of glitter stuck in my eye for two days,” said the first.

“It’s like déjà vu all over again,” the other replied.

And we felt better.


Tristan said...

What's the difference between Fagat and a hot model: irony, an ivy league degree and about five years.

LL said...

Tristan, aren't you not supposed to answer your own joke.

In any case, Fagat, you'll always be a vapid, shallow model to us.