Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Think The Public Would Prefer A Vanity Fair Cover With These Two Naked With Tom Ford.

We’re sitting at our desk at work and there is a copy of “O” The Oprah Magazine on the floor near us. It’s an “O At Home” special edition, and its cover features Nate Berkus squatting with a white rose in his mouth. Berkus is staring up at us with a maniacal grin (and perfect white teeth). It’s an altogether ridiculous pose that would make anyone look like a fool, but Berkus is just so. damn. adorable. that it’s actually cute.

We totally hate him.

On a related note, we hear from a VERY good source that the rumors about Berkus dating a certain Latin singing sensation ARE, in fact, dead on. The two have been doing the deed for months. The source is so good, in fact, that in the gossip world we would call it “practically under the bed.”

As opposed to “practically at orgasm,” which is where we are, just imagining the visual.


Tristan said...

Sorry but he looks like a fool !

KMZ said...

Is Oprah considered a Latin singing sensation?