Thursday, February 23, 2006

There Is Really Nothing To Write About Today. Where Is Fred Phelps When You Need Him?

Students in Britain are finally doing something about an issue that’s made us mad for quite some time. They’re finally fed up with hearing about blood donor shortages, while gay men remain blocked from giving blood.

It used to be that we would lie on the form and donate anyway, if we had been recently tested for stds. But then we got on some phone call list where a woman harassed us daily about donating blood (at the Port Authority, of all places!). Finally, after getting tired of making up excused why we couldn’t schlep up to the grundle of Manhattan during the work day for 45 minutes, we snapped:

“I’m gay! Now will you leave me the fuck alone?”

Then we hung up the phone.

It really felt like that time when the enthusiastic theater girl in high school never got the hint.

Thank God for those girls, really. Back then, they did such a good job of urging us out of the closet.

Now, they do such a good job of making our Pumpkin Spice Lattes.


Frank said...

“I’m gay! Now will you leave me the fuck alone?”

Funny, that's what I always wanted to say to the military recruiters that were always calling my totally-not-fit-for-the-military ass senior year of high school. I'm going to actually say it when Bush reintroduced the draft.

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