Tuesday, February 14, 2006

People Say We Have A Problem With Alcohol, But We Can't Remember The Last Time We Drank!

We have nothing to say in honor of Valentine's Day. We are going out to get drunk with one of our best gals. But this joke, which we learned from George Clooney, pretty much sums up the way we feel about the holiday, and love in general. Minus the wife part:

(As told to Quint from Ain't It Cool News):

GEORGE CLOONEY: "A guy is in a bar. He's so drunk he throws up all over himself. He tells the bartender, "What am I doing? When I go home my wife's going to kill me..." The bartender puts twenty dollars in his shirt pocket and says, "Go home..." Have you heard this one?
QUINT: No, I haven't heard it.
GEORGE CLOONEY: He says, "Go home and tell your wife you were in a bar and a guy came up... he was drunk, threw up all over you, but put $20 in your shirt pocket." He goes home, walks in and his wife says, "Hap, look at you. You threw up all over yourself!"
He goes, "Honey, a guy got drunk and threw up on me and he put $20 in my shirt pocket." She reaches in and pulls out $40 and says, "What's the other $20 for?" He says, "He shat in my pants, too!"

Onward to Easter!

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