Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We Really Wanted To Wipe Off His Little Poop Mustache

The other day when we complained that no one mentioned the word “gay” during the Golden Globes in reference to “Transamerica,” “Capote” or “Brokeback Mountain,” we realize we were being a little bit “glass is half empty” about the whole thing. Last night we ran into John Waters at a Paper Magazine party for his new Next show, “Movies That Will Corrupt You,” and he laughed at our concerns.

“What do you mean?” Waters scoffed. “Everybody refers to them as gay. Every article in the world calls it a ‘gay cowboy movie’. It’s going to be the gay Oscars. They should re-name it the GLAAD awards.”

We will choose to look at this whole situation as well in a glass-is-half-full manner. We made John Waters laugh. That puts us on par with a drag queen eating shit, internal organs on burning pokers, and a woman who can pick up a bottle of soda with her vag.


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Tristan said...

Funny how you and him have a pretty similar body morphology.