Thursday, January 12, 2006

We Always Think We're Missing The Point With These Things.

Does the above advertisement make you want to:

A) Go to the gym immediately and remain there for the rest of your life?
B) Wax your chest and grow stubble?
C) Touch yourself?
D) Look online for the outtakes from this photo shoot, a la Dieux du Stade?
E) Kill yourself?
F) Burn all of your clothes and anything in your apartment that has ever touched a carb?
G) Watch Nip/Tuck?
H) Drink until you forget how much less attractive you are than an Italian model?
I) Go spray tanning?
J) Drink until the guy at the bar looks like an Italian model?
K) Rediscover your collarbone?

Or L) Buy expensive clothing?


Tristan said...

M) Maybe it’s time for therapy? ;
N) or self-mutilation preferrably using safety pins;

... you are such a teenage girl Fagat !

Damien said...

still, i wonder, what in the fuck are they doing in this pic?

aishwarya said...

I was sporting pubic hair all last season cause of their last campaign. Now I have no idea what to do.

Sam said...

It just makes me want to turn the page. Is it even about clothes?

Foxy said...

E, but now that you mention it, F sounds like a good idea.