Thursday, April 05, 2007

At This Point, In The Democratic Primary, Will A Pro-Gay Stance Actually Hurt Any Candidate? Don't They Want Our Ill-Gotten, Poop-Stained Money?

We like the simplicity with which presidential long-shot Chris Dodd addressed the civil union question on a New Hampshire radio show this week:
Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd told high school students Wednesday that people debating gay marriage should ask themselves just one question: What would you do if your child were gay? Dodd said anyone who would deny a gay child the right to be happy isn’t being honest.

"We ought to be able to have these loving relationships," the Connecticut senator said.

Dodd, the father of 2-year-old and 5-year-old girls, said his daughters could grow up to be lesbians and that he hopes they would have the opportunity to enjoy marriage-like rights.

"They may grow up as a different sexual orientation than their parents," he said. "How would I want my child to be treated if they were of a different sexual orientation?"
Dodd probably doesn't have the popularity, or money, for a real shot. But we hope that the more candidates come out with reasonable rhetoric like this (even Rudy said it allowing domestic partnerships was the "American" thing to do), the more cruel and unreasonable anti-gay stances like Mitt Romney's might seem.

It's funny, when you think about it, that a WASPy old white dude would unequivocally support a minority that faces prejudice and disadvantage - when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who as a woman and a black man have probably faced disadvantage and unfairness at every turn in their political careers, aren't even sure homosexuality is moral.

Come on, people. If we've learned anything from "American Idol," it's that the country is ready to vote to include fags. Get with the program!


the one in your dreams said...

reasonable rhetoric? ha! sure you can be reasonable in nh, vt, me, ma and so forth but cross the appalachians and reason is just another charm of the devil.

you know, like fags. big gay fags.

Dash said...

oh I love me some Dodd!
Enjoyable reading mister . . .