Thursday, April 26, 2007

They Have Pretty Boy Models In This Magazine? We Would Never Have Noticed, We Get It Cause Of The Political Commentary...

We came across this Letter to the Editor while in the bathroom the other day...just though we would share.
With its fashion, pop culture, sophistication, and pretty-boy models, Details has always been friendly to gay men, but every issue lately seems to get even gayer, what with all the articles on gay culture and the recurring "Gay Or" feature. Hey, I have no problem with gay people. I just want to know - as a straight man - is Details still for me, too?

Ben - Merchantville, NJ

The proper response?

Dearest Ben,


The Editor

P.S. "Sophistication?" WTF?


Steve said...

Dear Ben

It depends; are you cute and easily impressionable? If so.. continue reading


BK said...

out here in chicago, there are ads for whitecastle with a limo driver pulling into a drivethrough. he says "i get all sorts of clients, singers, dancers, rappers, jugglers, the occasional rock star."


mymymichl said...

Dear Ben,
There is hope for everyone, so keep on reading. Who knows?

What was it you initially liked about the magazine?


max said...

Dear Ben

Come out already.

much love

The other Editor