Friday, April 20, 2007

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We have never been more wicked proud to be New Englanders.

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch said he would sign legislation allowing civil unions for gay couples when it comes to his desk next week. That makes NH the fourth state in the country to adopt civil unions, after Vermont, New Jersey (not New England, but also has poor white people and foliage) and Connecticut. Massachusetts, of course, is the only state to allow marriage between same-sex couples. In fifty years, when we look back on this time, those tiny states wedged up in the receding hairline of the country will be able to say that they led the way in civil rights at a time when doing so was unpopular nationally.

It almost mitigates the humiliating fact that we are the only people in the nation who think that the American classic “Paul Revere” begins “Listen, my children, and you shall hear…,” when it clearly starts out with “Now here's a little story - I've got to tell…”

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Bald Knob said...

This is great news- NH is also the first state to do this entirely through the legislative process, as opposed to through court decisions, which is significant, because nobody can claim that it is not the will of the people, or that some "activist" judge did it.

Of course, Maine now lags behind the rest of New England.... but I suspect that will change at some point in the next couple years!