Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Butt. Something We Could Really Get Into.

In a sort of reverse-Details maneuver, Amsterdam-based gay magazine Butt is gaining popularity with straight men, according to Nerve.
Suddenly it seemed to be everywhere, and those talking about it were the same straight men who are always nursing obsessions with new bands and obscure Japanese sneaker designers. Butt, the gayest magazine in existence, is achieving name-recognition that signals more than simple crossover appeal — it is sincerely resonating with straight men. Why? Jop Van Bennekom describes Butt as "a cultural magazine that also involves sex. We show guys with hardons, but we also show a lot of the person behind the hardon. In a way, it's a bit of a limp-dick magazine."
It's a phenomenon that may prove that gay magazines CAN have crossover appeal (would a straight man ever wade through all the cheap twinky bottom jokes in "Genre" or "Instinct"? Or all the stories about Martina Navratilova in "The Advocate?"), even if they are graphic - so long as they have good writing and interesting features on things other than just sex.

It should make sense. After all, we read that bunny magazine now and again, and if we can get past all those ladies making that nasty "I-just-burped-and-am-exhaling-hard-so-it-blows-away" face, then surely straight guys can get past a little friendly frottage here and there.


Eric S. said...

I've had a long-standing interest in BUTT. Never did I realize that so many of my straight friends might also like BUTT. WOW! It is always great to find common ground with our hetero counterparts.

Vincent said...

Thanks for the magazine names, as a recent single guy from Paris in NYC, I needed to know what kind of magazine to read when, like tonight, I am flying overseas to visit my dear parents :)
Plus if it can helf hook up with a flight attendant...