Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Mean Being Gay At College Isn't All A Cappella And Dubra?

There are two long articles out today that we think are very interesting about gay life at college. The first is a story about America's only openly gay lacrosse coach, and the second is about the difficulty in forming gay groups at traditionally all-black colleges. They're both well worth reading, especially if you're one of those gays that went to a place like Yale, Oberlin, Brown, or, say, American University (Gay U.), where LGBT students and faculty play very powerful roles. It's important to be reminded what hurdles gay students still face.

Of course, our college experience was as gay as a fucking picnic. We remember one time working out in the gym with our friend Derrick, we ran into an old gray-haired biology professor of ours. Derrick and I were stretching. It's always weird to see your distinguished faculty in gym clothes - it's like when Bill Clinton used to try to go jogging with the press, and he looked like a middle aged housewife at Curves.

The professor came up to us and said hello, and began stretching also. After a moment, he turned to us, looked us up and down, and said, "You know, some people go to the gym to work out, not just to check out the boys on the rugby team."

We were flabbergasted, especially since that was exactly what we had been doing. As he walked away chuckling, he turned and said, "To be fair, they are very cute."


LL said...

I always thought it was Gay Jew.

Anonymous said...

We went to one of those aforementioned schools, and our only hurdle was coming out as the only actual gay person in our Sexualities and Society class. We thought they were going to applaud.

fishwatch said...

We had a rugby team? Do they have a making of the calendar video?