Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Loathsome Dud: Joseph L. Bruno

From the New York Times yesterday:
The State Assembly might be voting on gay marriage as early as today, but the Senate majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno, said of his chamber, “We’re not doing gay marriage by Thursday; that’s for sure, or this year.” “We’re not going to take a vote; we have too many other issues,” Mr. Bruno, the state’s top Republican, said at a news conference this morning, adding, “We’re not going to spend hours debating an issue that, you know, is not going to be of consequence.”
Um... What? "Too many other issues"? "Not going to be of consequence"?

Hey, Bruno - you realize that this means a significant portion of New York's earning and voting population will be denied basic human rights? Surely even you must understand the bonuses that come along with having a family.

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Anonymous said...

check this out and tell senator bruno your story and ask him to walk a mile in your shoes!