Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We Can’t Wait To See What Happens On Friday. Maybe Regis Philbin Will Finally Come Out.

Whew – sorry for the delays in posting. The summer is already taking its toll.

We thought we’d draw your attention to a few hilarious/informative things, in case you missed them. First, check out New York Magazine’s exhaustive essay on the traits and scientific groupings that characterize gay people. Second, make sure you take a minute to examine the genius that is Gay Or Jersey (thanks Gawker). And third, read about what’s going on in the New York State Assembly, which is expected to support the legalization of gay marriage now that Shel Silver will let the issue go before it. It’s likely the issue won’t pass the State Senate, but it’s a big step nonetheless.

Also, on Monday morning, we had breakfast at (a mostly empty) Morandi, and who sat down a few tables away, but Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Lee Curtis! Amazing.

Wow – queer science, LGBT politics, hunky celebrities and fag jokes at other people’s expense – all by Tuesday morning. Gayest week ever!


cb said...

Bigmouth, I heard you use "the whorl" trick (not to be confused with Seinfeld's "swirl" trick) in bed.

Patrick said...

I'm now going to have to check the cow licks on my nine brothers' heads.

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong.

Firstly, it'll be a study on a sample group of people. Secondly, it's only a maybe gaybe if you have a counter clockwise swirl and it's going to promote assumption and judgement that is totally false in many cases.

This is silly science at its less thoughful.