Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Shameless Buttplug.

We’re not sure whether this has anything to do with being gay, but sometimes we like having episodes of television shows explained to us. We’re not good at verbally recapping shows (and we can NEVER get the jokes right), but we could sit around listening to other people re-tell jokes from sitcoms for hours. Just like we could sit around and watch people play videogames for hours – though that’s mostly because we ate the pot.

Anyway, on Sunday night we spent a good twenty minutes listening avidly as a tall and handsome friend told us what happened on the Sopranos. We don’t even know who any of the characters are! (Except for Jamie Lynn Sigler, who we mostly know because like all fag hags, she used to be fat and now she’s just desperate). It was delicious.

If you’re like us, and you like talking about what happened on television last night because it’s better than what happened in your real life last night (watching Will & Grace on Lifetime, viewing between 30 and 75 fifteen-second clips on various porn-gathering sites, looking at your own face very closely in the mirror for ten minutes), then you should definitely check out our friend’s new TV blog on Women’s Day.

(Also, if you’re like us, you will get distracted by the amazing other things on this site, including the “One Good Thing” feature, which has taught us the glories of the mini Scott Lint Sheet! Thank God we have women there to dream up products for gay men to enjoy.)

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