Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Update: Divorce From Reality Edition.

Yesterday we were watching "America's Cutest Puppies" on the WE Channel (we're gay, what do you want?) and managed to catch the New York City Semi-Finals. As adorable puppy after adorable puppy cuddled with the judges, they cut to exit interviews. One exasperated lady judge flung her hands in the air, and said:

"I just don't know how we're going to narrow it down to the top ten cutest puppies in New York city. It's like they're asking us to cure cancer - I don't know if we can do it!"

Oh, man.

[Picture courtesy of our favorite puppy porn blog, Bug-A-Day]


Patrick said...

Hahahahaha! That's funny. And that dog in the picture is CUTE! Look at that expression. Is he yours or is that a random picture from the Internet?

Aatom said...

I think I'm going to start saying that when people ask me to do something for them. "Geez! You may as well ask me to cure cancer!"

Boomer said...

I am the cutest dog ever

bigmouth said...

The dog in the picture is our good friend Bug. Love him.