Thursday, February 22, 2007

America's Episcopal Clergy Has No Problem With Gay Ministers, Has No Problem With Gay Ministers

This week, the word council of the Anglican Church laid the smackdown on their American contingent, telling them to stop supporting gay unions and appointing gay bishops - or else.

Well, you know what New Yorkers do when somebody tries to push them around: they push back.

New York Bishop Mark Sisk said it was "abundantly clear" that the church leaders "are not happy with the Episcopal Church," which is the American wing of the Anglican church.

But, he said, "I am not in the least prepared to make any concession that strikes at the heart of my conviction that gay and lesbian people are God's beloved children."

Not bad, Episcopalians. This totally almost makes up for all those years you wouldn't let Jews, blacks or Catholics into your country clubs, neighborhoods and prep schools!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, a principled stand- so rare these days.... sounds like a lot more is to follow on this!