Sunday, February 25, 2007

We Can't Wait Til Gay Marriage Is Legal Here Cause Then These Things Would Last for 2 Weeks Instead of Just One...

Not much to report, except that we learned last night at wedding event #21231 that our culture has a custom where the night before the wedding everyone pours coconut oil on the groom and then rips off all his clothes. That, or our family is just super fun.

We especially like when the bride's family kept telling us that we have this to look forward to when we get married. And while we're pretty sure we'll be leaving most traditional ceremonies and customs out of our theoretical wedding, we are most certainly adding this one in somewhere between karaoke night and the post rehearsal dinner bar hop.

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Anonymous said...

Desi-queers in the media-sphere...solace. While you explain to your Dadima about the tight tight trying to convince mine to bless my gay marriage. See with dbl income no kids...she will get her nau-lakha har as dhahej from us two. She is seriously considering the offer. I love my Biji.