Monday, February 12, 2007

This Is All Probably Because There Aren't Really That Many Gay People In Hollywood.

This weekend we had the pleasure of seeing "The Little Dog Laughed," the outgoing Broadway show starring the huge talents of Julie White and Johnny Galecki's penis.

The show was basically a vehicle for White, who was hilarious and pitch perfect. The rest of the characters, like Galecki and Tom Everrett Scott and that other girl, were basically movable plot devices. But many of you have probably already seen the show (or not), and already know that. We just thought it was appropriate given this nice AP article about how Hollywood is terrified of openly gay actors, but the rest of America doesn't really give a shart.

[Grey's Anatomy star TR] Knight is an openly gay actor — now. He outed himself to People magazine after co-star Isaiah Washington uttered an anti-gay slur on the set of their ABC series last October. Yet nearly all the attention to the controversy has focused on Washington's transgression. There's been nary a comment about Knight's own love life. Instead, fans are reveling in the sparks flying between his character and Dr. Torres (Sara Ramirez): "I hope she says yes. I really think he loves her!" said a recent posting about the characters' engagement on the show's chat room. "They're such a nice couple!" raved another.

We've always sort of suspected this. Americans, inherently, want to be like Brooke Shields guest starring on "Friends." They want to believe Dr. Drake Remoray really IS in Salem, in a coma. Sure, they like the personal lives of people who cheat, drunk, or show their cooters. But boring old gay people? Did they break up Reese's marriage by sleeping with Ryan? Then who cares?

Granted, it's not like Neil Patrick Harris or TR Knight or Ellen or Rosie are sex symbols like, say, Josh Duhamel or Jeff Corwin, but come on casting agents. Give gays a chance. After all, do you honestly think that straight actor knows how to give head?

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