Monday, February 05, 2007

We Bet He Totally Sang "The Downeaster Alexa!"

So we went to the Max Azria show today with our wonderful lady roommate. Somehow we were seated in the front row, next to Amber Tamblyn and a few seats away from Kelly Rowland. The clothes were, in a word, hideous. But possibly the bright shining moment of our Fashion Week came when John Legend came and sat near us. Our lady roommate suggested, nay ordered, that we run over and ask him the question we have always wanted to ask. So just before the lights went down, we did:

Bigmouth: We just have one quick question. How did college a cappella prepare you for stardom?
John Legend: (Pause. Laughter.) Well, I think anything helps where you perform in front of crowds. Also it teaches you how to deal with a group of people with disparate needs, and making it work.
BM: OMG. Thanks.
JL: It was fun at the time, but I would never do it again.

Ooohh! Literally: Snap!

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