Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Elitism, In Its Many Forms, Makes Us Horny.

“Conservative” Dartmouth elected its first openly gay student body president this semester.

We think this story is funny for a couple of reasons. One, Dartmouth may have vestigial right-wing institutions, but on the whole, the student body there is about as conservative as Tara Reid at an open bar. The student body voted overwhelmingly Democratic in the past few national elections. And two, if this were at Brigham Young, or Liberty, or another university where discrimination was written into the charter, that would be one thing, but somehow the headline “Charming Gay Is Popular At Ivy League University” doesn’t really knock our socks off. After all, this is the school that recently trumpeted the achievements of their gay All-American lacrosse goalie.

We’re not sure how we feel about this new marketing tactic on the school’s part. But then again, we suppose “Dartmouth: We Don’t Have Black People But We Do Have At Least Two Homosexuals” is an improvement on the old slogan, “Dartmouth: You May Not Have Gotten Into Princeton, Harvard Or Yale, But At Least You Don’t Have To Go To Brown.”

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