Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let’s Just Hope More Print Journalists Don’t Follow This Guy’s Example.

When we wrote a couple of recent stories about Clay Aiken-outer John Paulus for work, we befriended Michael Lucas, who invited us to take a tour of his film studio someday (it’s in Times Square – who knew?!). We thought to ourselves “Oh, wouldn’t that be a funny story to tell our friends.” And then we forgot all about it, and never called him to take him up on the offer.

Until we read THIS towleroad post, about Details writer Mark Simpson, who was covering those members of the 82nd Airborne that appeared in gay porn. Here is an eyebrow-raising portion of his coverage, concerning his visit to the set of their porn studio:

“As I sat on the sofa watching Jason and Carl perform while I hid behind my notebook, Dink started suggesting, first in jokey fashion, then more seriously, that I join in. "Just for ten minutes or so. It would be great for your story."
I laughed it off— "Oh, I couldn't, I'm English, after all." But soon the guys too started egging me on.
"C'mon, man," Jason implored, like someone inviting you to arm wrestle or to a drinking competition. "Show us your uncut English cock!"
And almost before you could say "God save the queen!" I was stripping down to my foreskin.
We went through the gay-porn "foreplay" repertoire in almost every Rubik's Cube possibility. But it felt more like horseplay than gay sex.

This made us wonder: if you appear in pornography as part of a journalistic effort to really get to know your subjects, does that make it any less seedy?

We’d have an answer for you, but we keep getting distracted by Michael Lucas’ hold music.

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