Friday, May 05, 2006

So Why Is Everybody Stressing Over This Thing? I Mean, It’s Just Plastic…

Today the Pretty Boy’s Club has hit upon a topic that we have been considering for a long time. That is, the issue of “A Gays.”

An ex of ours recently attended a packed houseparty in Washington, DC, and noticed that the crush of boys was actually putting a physical strain on the floor of the apartment. Apparently DC architecture isn’t designed to withstand hordes of men with cartoonishly overtoned torsos and underdeveloped leg muscles. It was one of those parties where the cream of the city’s crop was in attendance, and he turned to one such handsome friend and said “If this floor collapses, the B-List DC gays are movin' on up to the A-List.”

In DC there is an A-list. In New York, there are “Gays To Know.” The difference probably comes from the size of the population. In DC, the A-list is a group. But in New York, there are too many gays and too many groups for there to be one reigning clique (sorry HBP). It’s like going from a small middle school to a huge, anonymous feeder high school. So out of all of those myriad groups, there emerges a class of GTKs.

Examples of GTKs, who are almost exclusively known by one name, include: Dylan, Drew, GoGo, Richie, Traver, Jasen, Charlie, McCabe, Benjamin, Damon, Sparrow, Prabal, Richard, Furey, Fabian, Warren, Luigi, Horacio, and JonJon. There are some two-namers, too, like: Will M, Andrew F, Martin M, Sam S, and Zach E.

Does anyone outside of our community know the GTK’s? Doubtful. Are you DYING to be one of them, anyway? Probably.

But let us warn you – with fame comes consequences. Like, for example, Matthew H’s penis is bent at a right angle.

Would we know this if he wasn’t a GTK? Doubtful. Is he going to be pissed we’re writing about this on a blog? Probably.

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Matthew RS said...

You forgot Erik B.