Monday, July 10, 2006

And When Mother Nature Made John Waters, She Smiled. And There Was Sh*t In Her Teeth.

The London Zoo is throwing a big party for the gays to encourage the debate over whether homosexuality occurs naturally. There will be cocktails, jazz music, and a VIP room - which we're sure is thrilling for the animals. Drunk humans, loud noises, and yet another area in the world they can't access.

This is our favorite part of the article:

"The famous New York Penguin couple, Silo and Roy had been seen as a clear cut example of homosexuality in the animal kingdom, having been together faithfully for six years, until Silo left Roy for a female last year.

But there is hope for fidelity on the gay animal scene; flamingos Carlos and Fernando from Slimbridge wildfowl reserve have been together for five years and are currently raising a chick that they adopted when it was an egg."

"Flamingos Carlos and Fernando" are our hope for proof that homosexuality occur naturally?

Somebody's trying to tell us something.

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