Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Let's See How He Likes It When We Take Away His Personal Trainer, His Interior Designer and His Right To Snap Sassily.

You may have heard about George Michael getting caught by a British tabloid as he fooled around with a chubby old man in the bushes of a park in England. Since then, his boyfriend of ten years, Kenny Goss, has called off plans for a civil union. Can't say we blame him.

What flummoxes us the most, though, is that when Michael was caught by the paparazzi, this was his response:

"Are you gay?" he shrieked. "No? Then f*** off! This is my culture!"

Um... what?

George Michael, who gave the gays the wonderful gifts of "Faith," "Freedom 90," and "Father Figure," says that diddling grandaddies in public spaces is "our culture"?

Boy better watch out - next thing he knows, he's going to wake up with a Fagwa on his hands.

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Bald Knob said...

It actually hurt to read that story. What a truly low, pathetic moment. Ugh.