Monday, July 31, 2006

But Then Again, Maybe We're Missing The Point Of This Particular Video

Cleaning our office today, we weirdly found a DVD called "Better Sex Through Yoga - For GAY Men." It's by that dude who does Hot Gay Naked Yoga in New York. It promises a lot of things, including these bullet points:

* Improve self confidence and posture others will be sure to notice.
* Oxygenate the blood, increasing sexual energy and desire.
* Experience more intense, longer lasting full body orgasms.
* Develop amazing control in the bedroom with better strength and flexibility.
* Revitalize nerve endings and increase blood circulation for better indurace.

Umm... oxygenation? Nerve endings? Posture? If you really want to help the gay community get better at sex, how about a video that promises:

* How to prevent pubic hair from getting caught in your teeth - over and over.
* How to avoid drymouth and scratchy blowjobs after a night of dehydrating drinking.
* An alternative to the incrediby repetitive "kiss-down-the-chest-and-then-through-the-underwear" opening move.
* How to easily and quickly refute the "I can't have an orgasm if I wear a condom" argument.
* Strategies for having many condoms available, without seeming like a whore.
* How to abolish, simply and forever, the awkward and distracting 69 position.

We would definitely plunk down $14.99 on that sucker. Hell, for $14.99, we'd FILM it for you.


Zeke said...

try light fingertip bruches around the chest and nipples. than trace the jaw line and bring them in for a kiss.

geesh is sure is hard to type all this while watching the porn.

bryan said...

lots of condoms makes you a slut? it's the empty box o' condoms that's always worried me.

Anonymous said...

i thought i was the only one who finds 69 annoying