Thursday, July 06, 2006

Superman Could Hear Even The Quietest Whimper For Help.

A straight friend of ours went to see “Superman” in Chelsea over the weekend, and had an experience which he described as chilling. We thought it was hilarious. Here is the way it was told to us:

STRAIGHT FRIEND: So I went to see Superman in Chelsea over the weekend. And something gross happened in the bathroom.
FAGAT: What?
SF: There were two dudes having sex in the bathroom.
FG: Ha! You should have known better than to see it in Chelsea. The hotness of Brandon Routh in tights must have been so overpowering that they couldn’t wait to get home to have sex.
SF: I told the management on them.
FG: What? How did you even know they were having sex?
SF: Well, I was at the urinal, and I heard some squishing noises from a stall. So at first I thought it was just a dude masturbating. But then there was a silence. And couple of seconds later, somebody quietly said: “Stop.”

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