Friday, July 21, 2006

We Can Actually Be Blamed For Pretty Much Anything. Even The Return Of Jean Shorts.

We're sure you've heard about all the bombing that's going on between Lebanon and Israel. You know, the stuff about Israel taking out Hezbollah headquarters across southern Lebanon and meanwhile dismantling that neighboring country's infrastructure? All the while the militant Arab group is lobbing missiles right back at them, and holding their soldiers hostage?

The reason you know all about this is probably because we're the ones that started it. Not the US, mind you. The gays.

That's what a bunch of rabbis in Israel think. They argue that, since Tel Aviv is considering hosting the World Pride Parade, God is no longer on their side.

Which makes at least a little sense, we think. Remember when Madonna cast that fag Rupert Everett in "Swept Away?" And when "K-Pax" producers hung their hopes on that 'mo Kevin Spacey? It's the same thing. Those movies would have been masterpieces, and then the gays got involved. The next thing you know: bombs.

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