Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We Should Take This Holiday As An Opportunity To Learn About New Things - Like Underwear That Doesn't Involve Integers

An exciting thing has happened - the FAGAT guide received its first press release! It's a little confusing, but basically, the website wants us to tell you about their underwear packaging contest. If you take your cameraphone and snap the most hilarious undie packaging that you see (think the discount bin at Universal Gear), you can send them to the website and they will announce the winners on National Underwear Day on August 9.

We recommend that you check out the, because it's full of really interesting features, including pictures of men in underwear, advice on how to get into pictures of men in underwear, and stories about successful men in underwear. Oh, and also links to pics of Lance's boyfriend.

But getting back to this National Underwear Day thing. Does this mean we can finally have an underoo party at our apartment? Our roommates made us promise not to, because for some reason, they're convinced gay people can't hang out in their underwear and not end up having sex. And it would be hard to Saran wrap all of the horizontal surfaces in our apartment, so they'd rather we just didn't do it.

It makes us wonder: what are our straight roommates doing watching gay porn?

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