Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Somewhere In His Wicked, Miserable Past, There Must Have Been A Moment Of Truth.

We’re going to see “Grey’s Anatomy” T.R. Knight perform at “Creation Nation” tomorrow night at the Zipper Theater. The show will include his gayness as a comedic point. It couldn’t be timelier, as Knight is on the cover of this week’s Pride Issue of the Advocate.

We were going to get into our somewhat conflicted emotions about Knight’s role as a gay icon, but our pals over at Queerty have already dug into the issue and thought it through quite thoroughly. We suggest you head on over there and check out what they have to say.

Meanwhile, has anybody noticed that Phil Spector is looking more and more like Julie Andrews every day??

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that Julie Andrews had a botched throat sugery and will never sing again? Isn't that sad?