Thursday, May 24, 2007

We Are Learning Not To Resent Gay People Who Are Funnier Than We Are.

So last night we went to Creation Nation. If you, like us, are one of the last few gays out of the know on this one, acculturate yourselves promptly. The host of the show, Billy Eichner, is a one man minstrel show – you know, if you replaced all the blackface with buttsex.

The audience was full of comedy writers, agents, people who were second-degree famous, and cabaret stars. Luckily, we had no idea who the hell any of them were. The guest on the show, interviewed by Billy and his co-host Robin Lord, was TR Knight. Poor TR looked like a deer caught in headlights during the whole interview, and barely completed a sentence. But we must say, he was looking quite a bit handsomer than when we saw him last year, at the Upfronts (he had blue hair – we all remember THAT phase of coming out).

Our favorite question was when, after a moment of awkward silence on TR’s part, Billy blurted out: “So what about Sandra Oh made you gay?”

TR had no answer. Ours, of course, would have been: “Mulan II: The Gaysian Invasion.”

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MattGaymon said...

OK, so while a quick and irrepressible wit is not required of every gay man - and certainly hasn't been present in most of the men I've dated - is TR Knight trying to lose our attention or is he just really the most boring fag ever? That Advocate cover looked like a St John's Bay ad.