Monday, February 12, 2007

With Diane Von Furstenberg Involved, You Already Knew This Thing Was Going To Be Pretty Special...

Our former (Bigmouth's current) girl roommate was nice enough to bring us on a v. special VIP tour of the High Line yesterday. For those of you who never noticed, the High Line is that elevated rail line in Chelsea that you looked at when you used to wait on line at the Roxy that will soon be a fabulous public space in the sky, lined by sleek buildings by way famous architects. We trekked on said rail line from 34th street and 11th all the way to Gansevoort street, and got a pretty amazing view of both the City and the incredibly H-O-T co-founder of Friends of the High Line. (Call us!)

Also, any doubts that this park is going to be the gayest thing since the Christopher Street piers were put to rest yesterday, as it became clear that we have already staked our claim. Behold:

Yes, that is an Anderson Cooper billboard ATTACHED to the High Line.

Here, the Rainbow Flag plays the role of wolf urine, marking the territory.

The Anna Nicole Smith Memorial Fountain, erected by the gays.


And this may be the gayest thing EVER on earth...
Rainbow disco ball, Anderson Cooper in background.

Phase 1 complete June 2008. Start working out now boys.


Unknown said...

Oui, tres gay. And I have a view from my big modern loft. I wonder if I could invite boys on over from my balcony. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

yikes ! new yorkers sure are desperate for 'fabulous' spaces.. what a hideous dump ! time to replace the faded flag too.